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MiTo'21, the classic Milanese panettone

"Milano 1495"

History of the legend

Milano, 1495. A legend in the Italian food tradition is born: “Pan del Ton”, soon to become famous all over the world as the Milanese Panettone.
More than five centuries later, starting from an authentic, original recipe, a new Panettone is created: MiTo’21. Inspired by two major Italian cities, Milano and Torino, where its creator Michalis Tyrakis lived for thirty years and fell in love with the culinary culture of Italy.

Our mission is to bring the excellence of the Italian cuisine around the globe, by offering traditional specialties prepared with natural, carefully selected ingredients.
Come and discover through our products the taste, fragrance, and colour of this country and its unique traditions.

Why MiTo21?



Our Panettone, MiTo’21, is an authentic product meeting all the criteria of the artisanal preparation of this specialty. Free from artificial flavourings, colouring agents, and emulsifiers, it is made with sourdough and has no icing, its dough intensely yellow from egg yolk. It represents Happiness, containing Orange (Love), Citron (Health), and Raisins (Wealth).

An Original and Unique Panettone, like its ingredients: we only use Organic Sultanas from Crete – famous since the ancient times, and precious Vanilla Caviar from a small producer in Madagascar.


It takes 72 hours to prepare our MiTo’21 Panettone, because its leavening requires several phases. It all starts with a live starter matured over years to produce a fluffy, soft dough with a unique aromatic bouquet.

MiTo’21 is a rich, easy to digest panettone thanks to the use of best-quality ingredients, worked with passion and mastery to create a Great Artisanal Work.

"Tall or Short?"

Panettone Short Milano

500 gr

Panettone Tall Milano

1000 gr

Packaging and sustainability

Liberty, Art Nouveau, Environmental sustainability

The Liberty-style motifs of the Milanese houses from the ’20s have inspired the creation of our logo, as well as our packages decoration. Thanks to the collaboration with the historic Milanese typography “Bonvini 1909” we have created an Art Nouveau packaging that meets all the modern requirements of environmental sustainability, using 100% compostable Crush paper from the Favini company.

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